What is a List of National Sports of Different Countries?

List of National Sports of Different Countries

CafeTopic.com – List of nations and their national sporting events. A sport that is recognized to be the official sport for the country is either based on its popularity or has a historical connection to that country. Take a look at the list of nations and their national games.

It is a regulated type of game that, whether through informal or structured participation, seeks to keep or increase physical abilities and skills while also offering enjoyment for the participants, and occasionally, entertainment for the spectators.

A sport that is considered to be an official sport for a particular country is either based on its popularity or has a long-standing relationship to the country. National sports are considered to be vital to the country or are significant because of their significance to the culture. Look up the list of countries and their national sports below.


Capital: Kabul

Area: 652,860 km²

Currency: Afghan afghani

Population: 38.93 million (2020) World Bank

Government: Islamic republic

Official languages: Pashto, Dari

National sport: buzkashi

National animal: Snow leopard

Buzkashi is the most popular national sport of Afghanistan and is also referred to in the form of Kopar, Kupari, and Ulak Tartysh.

Antigua and Barbuda

Capital: Saint John’s

Dialing code: +1

Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar

Population: 97,928 (2020) World Bank

National sport: Cricket 

National dish Fungee

It has a rich tradition, which is further enriched by the long and rich history. European sports are a major influence on the region, and of all sports, Cricket is the most popular. Based on the popularity of the sport, Cricket became a national sport.


Argentina is among the most football-friendly nations, but Pato has been the officially recognized national sport of Argentina since 1953.


Aspects of Australian sports culture have been among the most important features of the sports environment. Cricket, Australian Rules Football, Rugby Union, and Horse Racing are among the first organized sports played in Australia. In all sports, Cricket and Australian Rules Football (AFL) are considered national sports not just because of their its popularity but also because of their history as a sport.

National Game: Cricket and Australian Rules Football (AFL)


Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi are among the most played games in Bangladesh; however, Kabaddi is considered to be the official sport of the country.

National Game: Kabaddi


Cricket is thought to be an integral aspect of Barbados’s culture. Barbados. Barbados Cricket Association is the supreme body that governs Cricket in Barbados. Barbados has produced some of the most famous cricketers – Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Everton Weekes, and Sir Clyde Walcott, and Sir Frank Worrell.

National Game: Cricket


There are a variety of games played in Bermuda. However, Cricket is the most popular because of British influence.

National Game: Cricket


Archery is the sport of national significance established in Bhutan’s Kingdom in 1971 when it joined the UN. Throughout the entire history of Bhutan, archery and bows were key tools for being able to survive in highlands throughout hunts and wars and also played an important part in the mythology and myths. Examples include depictions of gods holding bows or bows.

National Game: Archery


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art form that combines the elements of music and dance. It is distinguished by its skilled, intricate moves. It’s a significant cultural art that was developed during the colonial period by slaves. It is not just popular in Brazil but all over the world via films and computer games.

National Game: Capoeira


Bulgaria is famous for its weightlifters since they were awarded medals in nearly every major weightlifting competition and set numerous world records in championships like that of the Olympic Games. The weightlifters with the most acclaim have been Stefan Botev, Nikolay Peshalov, Demir Demirel, and Yoto Yotov.

National Game: Weightlifting


It hosts two national championships, which are Ice hockey (In the winter months)) and Lacrosse (In the summer). National Sports of Canada Act states: “Hockey and Lacrosse to be considered national sports. The game of Ice Hockey is recognized and declared the national winter sports in Canada and the sport commonly called Lacrosse is officially acknowledged and declared the national summer sports of Canada. “

National Game: Ice hockey (In Winter) & Lacrosse (In Summer)


Chilean Rodeo is not only an ancient sport but is it is also a national sport (declared as such in the year 1962).

National Game: Chilean Rodeo


China hasn’t officially declared table tennis as a national sport; however, based on its popularity, the game of table tennis has been known as a national game.

National Game: Table Tennis


The Cuban culture of sports is strongly influenced by the United States of America. Therefore, of all the sports, Baseball is the most well-liked by Cuban citizens.

National Game: Baseball

The Czech Republic

Soccer, as well as Ice Hockey are the two major sports that are played across the United States. However, Ice hockey is the one that draws the most attention due to its popularity and professional reliability.

National Game: Ice Hockey

The Dominican Republic

The game of Baseball is by far the most affluent game in the nation. Following that of the United States, it has the second-highest number of players playing Baseball within Major League Baseball (MLB).

National Game: Baseball


The national sport of soccer is the most-watched sport, but Cricket is the official national sport not governed by law but in facto.

National Game: Cricket


The culture of sports is extremely wealthy in France that is evident in its popularity with French citizens and the history of sports. Football became a de facto national game.

National Game: Football


National Game: Football


Water Polo is the national game played in Hungary. Hungary is regarded as the world’s most powerful team with respect to water polo, winning 15 Olympic World Championship, 10 World Championship, 5 FINA World League as well as eight FINA World Cup, and 21 European Championship medals.

National Game: Water Polo


The Golden Era of hockey in India was the time from 1928 until 1956, during which India had won six gold medals at the Olympic Games. Today, Cricket is more well-known in hockey India.

NOTE: As per the recent RTI announcement, The Sports Ministry has made it clear that it hasn’t declared any sport an Indian national sport. However, the official website of the Government National Portal of India has published an article that praises soccer under the title “National Game.”


Soccer is the biggest well-known sport in Israel. The sport is under control by the Israel Football Association. It was admitted to the Asian Football Confederation in 1954. Still, it was subsequently ejected in 1974 due to the political tensions from the Arab world in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

National Game: Football


Soccer (Calcio to be precise in Italian) is the sport of national significance in Italy and has currently the second most successful soccer side throughout World Cup history after Brazil won the four FIFA World Cup championships.

National Game: Football


Badminton is the most popular national sport in both the spectator and participation aspects. It has earned gold medals in badminton at each Olympic Games since the sport was first added to the Olympics in 1992.

National Game: Badminton


Basketball is the only game that is a religion for those who are not a part of Catholicism.

National Game: Basketball


Wrestling is considered to be an important national sport due to its long-standing tradition and its rich history. There are many different styles of traditional wrestling, ranging including Varzesh-e Pahlavani to Zurkhaneh, which are similar to contemporary freestyle wrestling.

National Game: Wrestling


Sport is an integral element in Jamaican culture. Jamaica is among the top countries for sprinting. It has being the current world champion in the 100m and 200m Usain Bolt. And the previous world record holder for the 100m, Asafa Powell but based on the level of popularity. And Cricket is considered to be the nation’s sport.

National Game: Cricket


Sumo wrestling is believed as the nation’s national sport. It is a highly competitive full-contact wrestling game where the”rikishi” (wrestler) is trying to take another wrestler. From an elongated ring (dohyo) or to force him to touch the ground with something other than his soles feet. The words literally refer to “striking each other.”

National Game: Sumo Wrestling


The national game of Sepak Takraw can be found in the country of Malaysia. It’s like badminton or volleyball except that players are not allowed to use their hands.

National Game: Sepak Takraw


There are three national sports of Mongolia that are known locally as “the three games”. Mongolian Wrestling, Archery and Horse Riding.

National Game: Mongolian archery, wrestling as well as horse-riding.


The most popular sport in Mauritius is Football. Mauritius was admitted to FIFA in 1962 and the Confederation of African Football in 1963.

National Game: Football


The national sport of Mexico can be described as Charreria. It is a sport like Rodeo and evolved from the methods of animal husbandry used in the haciendas of past Mexico.

National Game: Charreria


Dandi Biyo (similar to Indian Gilli Danda) is played using a stick that is two feet long as well as a wood pin that’s around six inches in length. It is played with a small wood stick with sharp ends.

National Game: Dandi Biyo

New Zealand

Rugby Union is the national sport in New Zealand and is popular across all facets of New Zealand society. Many New Zealanders identify it with their national identity.

National Game: Rugby Union


The sport that is the national sport of Norway is called Cross-country skiing. It’s a type of skiing in which skiers rely on their ability to travel across the snow-covered terrain instead of resorting to ski lifts and other types of assistance.

National Game: Cross-country skiing


The National game played in Pakistan can be described as Field Hockey.

National Game: Field Hockey

The Philippines

It is the National game of the Philippines is Arnis. It is the method made up of Filipino fighting arts that were developed by Remy Presas in the self-defense system.

National Game: Arnis


The national game in Poland can be described as Football.

National Game: Football


Paleta Fronton is a Peruvian sport that has a similarity to tennis.

National Game: Paleta Fronton


Chess is the largest and most loved game played in Russia; however, Bandy (a version played in hockey) is considered the national game.

National Game: Bandy


The most popular sport in Scotland is Golf due to its history. Six centuries ago, the first golf courses and rules for the game were created.

National Game: Golf


Basketball, Football, Volleyball as well as Water Polo are the most well-known games in Serbia; however, there isn’t an official announcement regarding the Serbian nation’s game.


Slovenia’s national sports Slovenia is skiing.

National Game: Skiing

South Korea

Taekwondo is considered to be the national sport because it is said to have historical roots in the Korean peninsula, with origins believed to date to early as the 1st century BCE.

National Game: Tae-kwon-do


The national sport in Sri Lanka is Volleyball. Other well-known sports are Water Sports, Badminton, Athletics, Football, Basketball, and Tennis.

National Game: Volleyball


The National game in Switzerland is Gymnastics and shooting.

National Game: Shooting and Gymnastics


The national sport in Tajikistan can be described as Gushtigiri (a kind of wrestling).

National Game: Gushtigiri


Oil wrestling or Grease grappling is the Turkish national sport in Turkey. It’s so named because the wrestlers are soaked in olive oil.

National Game: Oil wrestling


The most popular sport in America is Baseball. The USA can be described as Baseball not governed by law, but by the fact of.

National Game: Baseball


The national sport of Venezuela is Baseball. It is famous for producing some of the best baseball players around the world, like Luis Aparicio.

National Game: Baseball

National Games National Game of any country is an integral element of their tradition. The following list of nations and their national sports can be useful to all sports enthusiasts as well as candidates for various competitive exams.

Note: A majority of the nations haven’t declared any particular sport as a “National game,” but due to its popularity, it is officially regarded as the national sport.

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